toodall is designed to help you deal with multiple activities ensuring that you get all of those important things done.

Add topics to create high level groupings such as work, personal or family.

Add activities to topics so that the things you need to get done are organised.

Create lists within lists so that you can further group activities together in a manner that makes sense for your lifestyle. Toodall takes care of bubbling up anything that needs to get done.

Organise your Day to Day Activities

Keep on top of your activities and commitments. Group activities that relate to the same objective under a common “topic”. Review and re-order your activities. Assign dates so that Toodall will indicate when you are nearing a deadline or when you are late

Activities can be a simple list of things that you need to remember to do. They can have a specific date by which you need to complete them. Set begin and due dates that are different and toodall will display activities that are in progress.


Activities can  automatically repeat themselves once they are completed or alert you – you decide on how far in advance you need to be notified of a pending activity. Our repeating feature is flexible and enables you to set any manner of repeating activities.


Know what activities you need to deal with

Put in activities that start in the future  and when they are due, toodal will notify you that it is time to start thinking about them. It will send activities to the Apple Reminders app when it starts so that you only need to deal with  current activities.

Red tells you that you need to take action now

Amber tells you that something needs attention today

Green tells you that everything is good


toodall gives you a heads up on what needs to be done now and what needs to be done over the coming week.

Remember to pay those bills as they come due. Make sure you buy those gifts for loved ones. Don’t forget to book those flights.

toodall integrates with Apple’s notifications to display alerts directly in your notification centre. It also integrates with Apple’s Reminders app to make activities that should have started available in your reminders. When you complete a reminder on your iPhone, it will complete in toodall.

Add multiple notes to an activity so that you can track progress on those that take longer to complete

Synchronise Across Devices

Synchronise your activities across your iPhone and iPads. toodall’s cloud sync is included for mobile devices


Note that toodall does not store your personal information on our servers. At no time will we all you to enter in any personal information about yourself